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We are New Game Plus! We have been making weekly podcasts since September 2015. Every episode is devoted to a different game that is at least fifteen years old. It can be any genre and on any console. It can be a game that is overwhelmingly loved OR a game that is universally hated. Each week’s game is randomly selected from our ever-growing, listener-generated Retro Master List.


My Name is Dustin!

Dustin stays hydrated, has a pet bunny, and has decently passable (read: horrendous) segues.

Retro Game: Final Fantasy VII
Modern Game: Child of Light
Console: PlayStation 2
Genre: RPG

Dustin’s Story
Most Influential Games

I’m Kenny!

Kenny is decidedly undecided, a master of puns, and is never not seen in a hat.

Retro Game: StarCraft: Brood War
Modern Game: Hearthstone
Console: NES
Genre: Strategy

Kenny’s Story
Most Influential Games


Nolan is as excited as he’ll ever be, often sports a mustache and isn’t a fan of the Oxford comma.

Retro Game: Mega Man 2
Modern Game: Breath of the Wild
Console: Nintendo 64
Genre: Action/Adventure

Nolan’s Story
Most Influential Games

Our Top 10 Episodes

Introduce some of our favorite episodes to your ears.


Episode 75: Final Fantasy VII

A landmark episode where our Patreon supporters conspired together to have us play Dustin’s favorite game of all time.

Episode 114: ToeJam & Earl

Our community banded together like never before and submitted dozens of identical entries into a Patreon Pool. This funky ditty was selected.

Episode 129: Seiken Densetsu 3

We came with little to no expectations and left touting that this is the best game to never leave Japan.

Episode 132: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Kenny was trolled into agreeing that this game has impeccable graphics, quality gameplay, and PlayStation 3 level music. Enough said.

Episode 155: Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!

Do you remember when Tim the Tool Man Taylor wielded a magical chainsaw and fought dinosaurs? We didn’t either.

Episode 15: Chrono Trigger

It’s got a segue in it that people all around the world still rave about today. Oh yeah, it’s also a classically great game that first introduced a mode called “New Game +”.

Episode 138: Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall

What’s better than a video game about teenage twins playing mini-games to save their favorite mall from certain doom? We’re waiting…

Episode 4: Jurassic Park

We’re only including this here because we have to. It wasn’t fun. We’ll never play it again. And you shouldn’t go anywhere near this game OR this episode.

Episode 40: Super Mario World ft. Jeff Rubin

An incredible guest. An incredible game. The two merged together in this beautiful masterpiece.

Episode 1: Earthworm Jim

It was the episode that birthed a movement. Travel back in time to September 2015 when, for the first time, three guys spent seven days playing one old game and then they talked about it.

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